Westlink, formerly Westlink Network, was a free-to-view digital community television station which broadcasted to regional and remote areas of Western Australia on the View Access Satellite Television service via channel 602.


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The channel began transmission in 1992 as Westlink Network. It would be available on the Optus Aurora satellite service with analogue transmission in both Albany and Bunbury.

At certain times, sister station Access 31 would simulcast on the weekends. This ended when Access 31 shut down on 6 August 2008.


On 13 November 2009, community broadcaster Indigenous Community Television entered into an agreement with Westlink to allow then access to the then Optus Aurora channel on weekends. The agreement ended on 18 April 2013 when ICTV launched their own channel on the VAST service.



In April 2013, the station was renamed Westlink and migrated to the VAST service. On 16 December 2017, the station was quietly shut down.

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