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White Hen Pantry was established by Jewel in 1965 as Kwik Shoppe.

White Hen Pantry


White Hen Logo (1965).jpg

Kwik Shoppe would be rebranded as White Hen Pantry a few months later. The first logo featured the name in script. The stores usually had a mansard front with the hen logo located under an eave.


White Hen Logo (1973).jpg

The logo was changed to a serif font with WHITE HEN in all caps.


White Hen Pantry.JPG

The font was later changed again.

1986-2010 (Chicago), 198?-2013 (Boston)

White Hen Pantry 1990s.svg

The font was smoothed out, as well as the hen in the oval. This logo continued to be used in Boston until the conversion to 7-Eleven.

White Hen (Chicago)


White Hen Logo.JPG

In Chicago only, the name was simplified to just White Hen, the color changed from tan to navy blue, the font changed as well as the hen being more detailed. This chain was purchased by 7-Eleven in 2007 and all locations were converted into 7-Eleven stores or closed shortly afterward.