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1998–2004 2004–2007 2007–2010 2010–2014 2018 2019–present
1998–2004 2004–2007 2007–2010 2010–2014 2018 2019–present


WWTBAM Logo 1998.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Copperplate
ITC Conduit
Launched:  Unknown

The first episode was broadcast on 4 September 1998. Another set of titles were introduced to the show in 2001, but this logo was kept.


WWTBAM Logo 2005.png

In 2004, the graphics were slightly altered including an entirely new title sequence. The logo was also slightly altered, the main colour was now blue and the four leaf clover comprised of question marks and pound signs was changed to yellow.


WWTBAM Logo 2007.png

In 2007 the programme received its most substantial overhaul since it launched in 1998. All the graphics were modernised and the music score was partially replaced, the title sequence again changed to a more upbeat fast paced version based on the money tree. The logo was also substantially changed, the main colour returned to being purple albeit a darker variation, the word 'Millionaire' was enlarged and the two 'Who Wants To Be A' sentences was changed from the font ITC Conduit to Copperplate Gothic. The format itself was also changed, the number of questions was reduced from fifteen to twelve and the money tree had different amounts.


WWTBAM Logo 2011.png

In 2010 the format of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' changed again, for the first time a time limit was added to the first two stages of questions. A new lifeline became available once a contestant reaches the third stage of questions, it is called switch and it entitles the contestant to 'switch' a question if they do not know the answer. The graphics remained mostly the same as it was since 2007 with the exception of the question graphic which changed to purple and the title sequence which added a 3, 2, 1 countdown before the revised logo appeared. The logo was slightly altered, the purple became lighter and the elements which were blue were changed to a metallic silver. The 'Who Wants To Be A' sentences was changed to the original ITC Conduit for the logo at the end of the title sequence but for the rest of the title sequence and as seen anywhere other than the final appearance in the title sequence, the font remains Copperplate Gothic.


WWTBAM Logo 2011 Celebrity.png

Since 2010, the previous logo is now accompanied by a themed suffix (for example, School's Out). From Christmas 2010, regular Who Wants To Be A Millionaire episodes were cancelled and only live Celebrity specials will be made from then onwards, until July 2012, when a non-celebrity three part run subtitled The People Play was broadcast live. The logo goes back to using ITC Conduit for "Who Wants To Be a" on some variants. When Chris Tarrant left the show, ITV cancelled the show, officially ending on 11 February 2014. The clock format was still in use until then.


Wwtbam logo 2018.jpg

ITV announced that the show would return for a new series to celebrate the programme's 20th anniversary. Jeremy Clarkson replaced Chris Tarrant as presenter from this series onwards.