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2004–2006 2006–2014 2012–2017

Nintendo Revolution[]

2004–2006 (pre-launch and E3)[]


The Wii was originally called Nintendo Revolution in its pre-launch and E3 in 2004. The Os represent a compact disc and a GameCube disc. It uses the same style from the GameCube and Game Boy Advance logos.



Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Horatio (modified)
Launched:  November 19, 2006

In April 2006, shortly before Nintendo's E3 2006 conference, the Nintendo Revolution was renamed to Wii. The Nintendo Style Guide refers to the console as "simply Wii, not Nintendo Wii,"[1] making it the first console Nintendo has marketed outside Japan to not feature the company name in its trademark. The Wii wordmark uses a modified version of Horatio,[2] with the "W" being horizontally extended and the "ii," while resized to accommodate the changes found in the former character, remain unaltered. The same wordmark is used for the Wii U logo.

On October 20, 2013, Nintendo officially discontinued the console in Japan[3] and eventually in Europe 4 days later.[4] However, the Family Edition launched in 2011 was still in production in North America[5] until May 2014.[6] Between 2013 and 2019, most of the Wii channels were shutdown (included the Wii Shop Channel)[7], although some channels like the Mii Channel remain available. The only game series still running for the Wii was Just Dance, which its last game for the console was released on November 5, 2019.[8] However, the final game ever released on the Wii as of 2020 is Shakedown Hawaii, which released on July 9th 2020, sold by Limited Run Games in partnership with Vblank Entertainment. This Wii version of the game however was only released in PAL territories.[9]

Wii Mini[]



The Wii Mini was released on December 7, 2012, in Canada, March 22, 2013, in Europe, and on November 17, 2013, in America. It was discontinued in 2017 alongside the Wii U, making way for the Nintendo Switch.

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