Microsoft Pegasus


Microsoft Pegasus

Microsoft Pegasus was the internal codename of the project at Microsoft that hoped to create an operating system for a series of handheld computers. When the project achieved its goals and was ready to be sold to the general public, it had its name changed to Windows CE.

Microsoft Windows CE


Windows CE1

The first version of Microsoft Windows CE was released on 1996 and its logo was similar to the Windows 95 logo used at the time, with the most noticeable difference the circle surrounding the Windows logo, which meant that the WinCE devices were more of an enclosed medium.


Windows CE fourth style

Different version of the logo similar to the horizontal logos of the desktop Windows versions.


Windows CE Logo as it appears on the Today screen of a Windows CE 2.11 Palm-Size PC.


Windows CE with Powered by byline

First logo with the "Powered by" byline. Similar to the "Designed for Windows 98" case stickers.

WindowsCE Dreamcast logo

Version of the logo that appeared on some Sega Dreamcast games licensing screen.



Logo similar to the design of Windows 2000 Powered logo. Used on the configuration program of Windows CE 3.0 devices


Windows CE logo
Windows CE standarized logo

Wiith the release of Windows XP in 2001 Windows CE's logo was updated to look like the desktop Windows' version.

Sometimes the Windows CE version was added to the logo.

Windows CE 5

While still existing today -mainly as Windows Embedded- Windows CE as a brand was superceded by Windows Mobile and then by Windows Phone as Microsoft's brands for the mobile market.

Windows Embedded CE 6.0


Windows Embedded CE Logo

NOTE: Extended Support ended on April 10, 2018.

Windows Embedded Compact 7


Windows Embedded Compact 7 logo

Windows Embedded Compact 8



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