2004 (unused) 2004 (unused) 2005 (unused) 2005 (unused) 2005 (unused) 2006-2023
2004 (unused) 2004 (unused) 2005 (unused) 2005 (unused) 2005 (unused) 2006-2023

2004 (unused)[]

Windows Longhorn Build 4074[]

Speech Recognition would firstly appear in Windows Longhorn Build 4074, this as a hidden executable application.

2004 (unused)[]

Windows Longhorn Build 4093[]

Speech-recognition longhorn4093

Speech Recognition would appear again in Longhorn Build 4093, the last build of Windows Longhorn before its development reset.

Speech Recognition was scrapped with this reset.

2005 (unused)[]

Windows Longhorn Build 5054[]

Logopedia InfoWhite LOGO MISSING

This program would appear again at WinHEC 2005, a conference that shows technical plans for Windows. In this case, a public demonstration of Speech Recognition.

The build shown in the conference, 5054, remains unavailable.

2005 (unused)[]

Windows Longhorn Build 5212-Windows Vista Build 5231[]


Speech Recognition re-appeard in Windows Longhorn Build 5212 as a feature or applet of Control Panel. It used a generic Windows icon.

2005 (unused)[]

Windows Vista Beta Builds 5259-5284[]

Speech-recognition vista-beta

In Windows Vista Beta Build 5259, Speech Recognition received a new icon, this one resembles its pre-reset icons.

Since Windows Vista Beta Build 5308, Speech Recognition received its final icon.


Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11[]

Speech Recognition Icon

On November 30, 2006, the Speech Recognition feature was released for Windows Vista.

In 2023, Microsoft announced that Windows Speech Recognition has been deprecated in favor of Voice Access, a modern app replacement included in Windows 11 2022 Update.

Speech Recognition may be removed in a future update of Windows 11.

Windows Speech Recognition
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