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Woolworths began operation on 5 December 1924 in Sydney's Pitt Street Imperial Arcade as Woolworths Stupendous Bargain Basement. Their second supermarket opened in Queen Street, Brisbane on 6 August 1927.


Woolworths 1960


Woolworths 1976


Woolworths 1987

In 1987, Woolworths launched their "The Fresh Food People" slogan, which is still used today. Some locations such as Booragoon in Western Australia, Belconnen in the ACT, and Eastwood in New South Wales still use this logo.



Woolworths 2009

The last remaining Safeway stores in the state of Victoria rebranded into Woolworths.


Woolworths 2012

This version of the logo phased out the use of red in the logo. For a period of time, the company slogan was changed to reflect Woolworths' commitment to delivering its customers Australian produce.


Woolworths 2014

The original slogan was restored along with a new version of the advertising jingle.


Woolworths 2015

The current Woolworths logo remains, but a new handwritten version of the chain's slogan started appearing in catalogs in late September.

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