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World Championship Wrestling was the name of the main television program of the NWA Georgia territory. It was taped at the Techwood Drive studios of WTBS, channel 17 in Atlanta.

The show was briefly purchased by the WWF, but was sold back to the NWA and eventually came under the control of Jim Crockett Promotions.


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Jim Crockett Promotions was purchased by WTBS' parent company Turner Broadcasting. Turner changed the official name of the company to World Championship Wrestling, while the TV program itself became known as WCW Saturday Night.


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On March 26, 2001, the assets of WCW (including its logos, trademarks, video library and selected wrestler contracts), though not the promotion itself, were sold to the World Wrestling Federation, now WWE.


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This was the logo used on-air by World Wrestling Entertainment during the 2001 "Invasion" of former WCW and ECW talents.

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