Xbox SmartGlass


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Xbox SmartGlass was launched in 2012 as a console-to-PC game streaming app for Windows 8 and Xbox 360, similar to Sony's Remote Play feature for PlayStation consoles and gaming handhelds. Xbox One support was later added in 2013.

Xbox 360 version of SmartGlass was discontinued in 2018, while the Xbox One version was discontinued in June 2021.



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In 2015, Xbox SmartGlass and Xbox Games apps were merged altogether, and the Xbox SmartGlass app was later renamed to simply Xbox app on Windows 10.

Xbox Console Companion


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As Microsoft released the beta version of the new Xbox app for Windows 10 1909, the old Xbox app was rebranded to Xbox Console Companion. This app is now deprecated as it doesn't support the Xbox Series X & S consoles and most of its new features such as PC Game Pass and Cloud Gaming are only available to the new app.

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