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2000–2001 2001–2002 2002–2011 2011–2019 2019–2020 2020–present

Microsoft Games


Microsoft (1987).svg

Xbox Game Studios was originally founded in March 2000 as Microsoft Games. The company did not have its own logo until 2001, and for its de facto purposes at the time, used the 1987 logo.[1]


Microsoft Games (2001).png
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Used only on Microsoft Games' website until 2002, later replaced by the Microsoft Game Studios 2001 logo.[2]

Microsoft Game Studios


In 2001, the division was renamed "Microsoft Game Studios". Even after they unveiled the original Xbox on November 15 of that year, most games continued to use the logo above until NBA Inside Drive 2002, which was the last game to use the standard Microsoft logo.


Microsoft Game Studios.svg

Introduced with the release of RalliSport Challenge on March 4, 2002. This was Microsoft Game Studios' first logo that wasn't the same from the parent company.

Microsoft Studios


Microsoft Studios.svg
Designer:  Microsoft
Typography:  Segoe

Microsoft Game Studios was shortened to just "Microsoft Studios" on June 6, 2011. The logo still occasionally appears on remasters and rereleases (if the original game released before 2019).

Xbox Game Studios


Xbox Game Studios.svg
Designer:  Microsoft
Typography:  Helvetica

On February 5, 2019, it was again renamed to Xbox Game Studios to keep themselves better in line with their primary console brand, Xbox.


Xbox Game Studios (2021).svg

The video game division launched a slightly altered logo in June of 2020 after a little over a year. This was to match the current, updated logo used for Microsoft's ninth generation consoles.


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