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2002–2010 2005–2013 2012–2021 2021–present
2002–2010 2005–2013 2012–2021 2021–present

Xbox Live[]


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This logo is used for Xbox Live on the original Xbox. This logo went out of use, alongside the service on the original Xbox, on April 15th, 2010.


Xbox Live 2005

This logo is used for Xbox Live on Xbox 360 consoles. This logo is still used in some parts of the Xbox 360 Dashboard.


Xbox Live 2013

The font for the "Live" word was changed in 2013. This logo was used on Xbox One and Xbox Series X & S consoles, and Windows. The logo is still used on later Xbox 360 models.

Xbox Network[]


Xbox Network 2021
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On March 21, 2021, two days after the name got leaked, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Live brand would be renamed to simply Xbox Network. This was to separate the online service from the Xbox Live Gold membership name. Xbox Live Gold would keep the "Live" branding until its rebranding in 2023.[1]