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2010 2010–2014 2014–2021 2021–present


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Xiaomi started out in April 2010 as a software company for smartphones. This logo was short lived, being used in only 4 months as it was later replaced by a now more recognizable logo.


Xiaomi 2010 logo.png

In August 2010, following the release of MIUI V1, Xiaomi updated their new logo featuring the significant "MI" icon with their Chinese name (小米) and their former website before they started to sell their products outside China. The global variant removes the Chinese full name in favor of just the Mi logo.


Xiaomi logo.svg

This version was slightly modified with a different shade of orange and an app icon-like box.



Xiaomi first introduced its wordmark globally as a main logo alongside the 2014 Mi logo to reintroduce its full brand name, and then later introduced in China as a secondary logo in the same year. The wordmark was used in some of their products, including its Mi-branded smartphones like the Mi Note 10 (also known as Mi CC9 Pro in Mainland China) and Mi 11 series.


Xiaomi symbol 2021.svg
Designer:  Kenya Hara
Typography:  Unknown

The new logo was presented on March 30, 2021 on Xiaomi 2021 New Product Launch Part II keynote. The Mi logomark and the 2019 Xiaomi wordmark are being modified as part of its new "Alive" branding identity designed by Japanese graphic designer Kenya HARA.


Designer:  Kenya Hara
Typography:  Unknown

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