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The previous design of the logo was carried over to a revised logo used starting in 1993, introducing an early variant of the purple, dark orange and green TV that would be used in the logo until 2006; in this logo, the TV and "YTV" logo is tilted toward the top right. Many YTV fans recognize this logo and 1994 logo because of their unique designs that allow this logo and the 1994 logo to take on any shape, similar to the 1984-2009 logo designs used by Nickelodeon in the United States. The logo was designed by Corey McPherson Nash, with network ID's being produced by Olive Jar Animation.


The "YTV" text in this update to the previous logo was changed in 1994, arranged the same way as before, though with an altered design of the TV and logotype. In 1996, YTV started to use the slogan "You Rule" to go with the random objects and creatures that the YTV text is placed atop of. In Fall 1998, YTV changed their slogan to "Keep It Weird". This logo was still used as a closing logo as well as on the "In Stereo" bug until 2007.


2003 additions

2005 logos used during primetime

2006 variants, just before the Keep It Weird era ended






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