YTV Logo 88

The initial YTV logo utilized three-dimensional CGI graphics to animate the logo in network IDs, which were usually set against different sky backgrounds that changed depending on the time of day (a night sky background for nighttime programs, a partly-cloudy blue sky for afternoon shows, etc.). Often in these network IDs, a script font would write various slogans ("The Spirit of Youth", "Young as You Are", "The Youth Channel", "Canada's Youth Channel") on the bottom right side of the logo. In 1990, the logo was altered slightly with the circle outline becoming consistent of three circles, and the "YTV" text becoming slightly larger.


YTV Logo 91

The logo was revised in 1991, used the motif in which featured a large "Y" and the word "TV" in smaller type stacked vertically, that has been utilized in all of the network's logos since that time.



The previous design of the logo was carried over to a revised logo used starting in 1993, introducing an early variant of the purple, dark orange and green TV that would be used in the logo until 2006; in this logo, the TV and "YTV" logo is titled toward the top right. Many YTV fans recognize this logo and 1994 logo because of their unique designs that allow this logo and the 1994 logo to take on any shape, similar to the 1984-2009 logo designs used by Nickelodeon in the United States. The logo was designed by Corey McPherson Nash, with network ID's being produced by Olive Jar Animation.


YTV Logo 1995

The "YTV" text in this update to the previous logo was changed in 1994, arranged the same way as before, though with an altered design of the TV and logotype. In 1996, YTV started to use the slogan "Keep It Weird" to go with the random objects and creatures that the YTV text is placed atop of.


YTV Logo 2000

In August 2000, the logo was changed again with the TV background dropped and the "YTV" text altered . In 2004, the YTV" text changed once more, but the monsters still aired.

2003 additions

2005 logos used during primetime

2001-2003 slogan variants


YTV logo

In 2006, this logo first appeared on YTV promos and on YTV's website. In 2007, YTV presentation was overhauled completely, though was still arranged similarly to the previous logos used since 1990, using a cyan circle with two spikes, similar to that of a hurricane symbol, with white rings inside and a revised "YTV" text overlayed atop it.


YTV logo 2009

In 2010. the logo was updated slightly with color gradients added to it.


YTV logo 2014

In 2014, YTV updated their logo, making some minor changes to it. On screen, they changed the direction of the logo making it face left instead of directly at the viewers (the print logo as seen above is not tilted). Along with light colour gradients being added to the logo, it debuted air on the website in 2014.

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