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Yahoo Logo 1994
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Times New Roman
Launched:  January 1994

Yahoo got its first logo during its establishment in 1994; it consisted of the "Yahoo" wordmark colored black and in the Times New Roman font, displayed as plain text.


March–August 1995

Yahoo! 1995

In March 1995, when the company changed its name to Yahoo!, it introduced another logo with a much more elaborate text that includes an exclamation point at the end, but it was short-lived, being used for only 5 months.

August 1995–1996

Designer:  David Shen
Typography:  Able (modified)
Launched:  August 1995

In August 1995, a new logo was introduced which consisted of a stylized yellow jumping "Y" figure on a blue circle with the "Yahoo!" wordmark above often written below. Nicknamed "the jumping "Y" guy", the logo was designed in-house by David Shen,[1] with a later revision made with the assistance of Organic Online that introduced a new wordmark that would be used in its next few logos until 2013.

“We made sure the letters rose towards the right so that, upon reading the word, you would get a sense of rising energy with the exclamation point punctuating that energy at the end.”
David Shen



Yahoo! 1995 logo
Designer:  David Shen
Organic Online
Typography:  Able (modified)
Launched:  January 1, 1996

On January 1, 1996, Yahoo! introduced a new logo with a red wordmark (the one originally introduced in late 1995 by David Shen and Organic Online) and a slight shadow behind the text. The font in this logo and below is a modified version of Able. A variant of this logo is still used for Yahoo! Japan.


Yahoo Logo
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Able (modified)
Launched:  May 1, 2009 (soft-launch)
November 12, 2009 (official)

On May 1, 2009, Yahoo! launched a recolored version of the 1995 logo in purple without an outline or shadow, but it didn't fully replace the previous one until November 12, 2009, when the site received a revamp, entirely removing the previous red color from 1995. This was first used as a variant of the previous logo (which was also used as a variant of the 1995 logo), as well as its headquarters and on Yahoo! Messenger's favicon in 2004. It was not used in some countries, most notably Yahoo!7 (of Australia), which still used the 1995 logo until 2014. Coincidentally, the now-related AOL also received a new logo in the same year.


Designer:  Marissa Mayer
Typography:  Optima (modified)
Launched:  September 5, 2013

On September 5, 2013, Yahoo! unveiled a new logo, which was finalized 30 days later on October 5.

In January 2017, Yahoo! sold the majority of its core business to US telco Verizon, which already owned AOL. This move follows in a series of security breaches in the previous year where roughly one billion accounts were compromised.

In summer 2017, AOL acquired Yahoo! to become Oath (currently Verizon Media). Following the merger, the remainder of Yahoo! was rebranded as Altaba, focusing as an investment company. However, these companies still exist as a division of Verizon Media.


Yahoo! 2019
Designer:  Pentagram
Typography:  Centra No. 2 (logo, modified)
Yahoo Sans (brand, custom-designed)
Launched:  September 23, 2019

On September 23, 2019, Yahoo! rolled out a new logo[2] with a new bolder typeface and now all lowercase for the first time. It also saw a newly-redesigned logo for Yahoo! Mail. The visual refresh, designed by Pentagram[3], accompanies an upcoming slew of new products. The font is rendered in a modified version of Centra No. 2.

“Our new look is just a sign of bigger, more important changes in the works. We’re rolling out a series of new products and features to help you get more of what you love”
Yahoo! Press Release[2], September 23, 2019


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