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Yahoo Logo 1994

Yahoo got its first logo during its establishment in 1994—it consists of the "Yahoo" wordmark which is coloured black and are using the Times New Roman font.



In March 1995, when the company changed its name to Yahoo, it introduced another logo which is briefly changed to a more elaborate text that includes an exclamation point at the end, but it were short-lived for only 5 months.


Yahoo logo 1995 symbol

Later, in August 1995, that same year, Yahoo changed its logo again and it became a stylized yellow jumping "Y" figurine on a blue circle while the "Yahoo!" wordmark is written below, but the logo were also short-lived for 4 months until December 1995.



Yahoo! 1995 logo

On August 1995, Yahoo introduced a much tweaking and refining new logo which was quickly simplified to just the text and the exclamation mark with a slight shadow behind the text, although it gets coloured with red and are also containing three icons on each side, as well as it becomes a simple wordmark without graphics, and should therefore create the familiar logo that has been in existence since.

Eventually, this logo were used on the Yahoo home page, and it formerly consists of the red color with a black outline and shadow, but in June 2002, it were later becoming slightly changed, with new black shadows on the text that replaces the older gray color, except that it gets introduced to Yahoo! Japan within the following year, if it gets still used of today, with a slight moderation in 2013 (see below).


Yahoo Logo

By May 2009, Yahoo overhauled a theme redesign which makes the logo become recoloured with purple without an outline or shadow, but the purple logo had first appeared on the headquarters as well as on certain Yahoo products such as Yahoo! Messenger in 1995, although it did not get into its full effect until November 12, 2009, when the site received a revamp, entirely removing the old red color from 1996, so the change would apply to several international Yahoo home pages, but in some countries, most notably Yahoo!7 (of Australia), the logo is still using the red logo until 2014, and at the same time, the purple logo comes up with a new slogan "It's Y!ou" which is used at the time, and on occasion, it would at the same time be abbreviated as "Y!". The same year, the now-related AOL got the "Aol." logo.

2013 (pre-launch)

From August 7 to September 4, Yahoo! was cycling through 30 different logos, with the finalized logo expected to launch on September 5.[1]



On September 5, 2013, Yahoo! premiered an entirely new logo. This was finalized after 30 days of changing its logo. This logo is now used on all Yahoo! products, except Yahoo! Japan.

In January 2017, Yahoo! sold the majority of its core business to US telco Verizon, which already owned AOL. This move follows in a series of security breaches in the previous year where roughly one billion accounts were compromised.

In Summer 2017, AOL acquired Yahoo! to become Oath (currently Verizon Media). Following the merger, the remainder of Yahoo! was rebranded as Altaba, focusing as an investment company. However, these companies still exist as a division of Verizon Media.

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