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After the collapse of the i7 platform, Seven launched a new website called



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Seven West Media formed a 50/50 joint venture with Yahoo! in order to expand the existing services of both companies. Yahoo!7 was launched in January 2006 and replaced both and the former Australian Yahoo! website.




Yahoo!7 was renamed as Yahoo7 in 2014, removing the exclamation mark from the website's name. Its logo was also updated to include the new Yahoo! logo, first introduced in 2013.

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In March 2018, Seven West Media sold their 50% stake in Yahoo7 to Oath. This is despite earlier reports where Oath would sell their stake. By this time, Seven was in the process of uncoupling it's services from Yahoo7, through the establishment of 7plus replacing Plus 7 and their travel website: 7Travel. In April 2019, Seven finalised the sale of its half of Yahoo7. Seven has launched its own website, while Yahoo is now operating under its own brand in Australia with all traces of Seven branding removed from the site.


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