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Yoplait 1965 Free-vector-yoplait-logo 089384 Yoplait logo Yoplait2008 2012 YoplaitPng
1965–1985 1985–2008, 1985–2012 (United States) 2008–present, 2012–2017 (United States) 2017–present (United States)


Yoplait 1965

1985–2008 (International), 1985–2012 (United States)

Free-vector-yoplait-logo 089384 Yoplait logo

In 2015, this logo was seen alongside the logo below in advertisements.

2008–present (International) 2012–2017 (United States), 2012–present (Go-Gurt)

Yoplait2008 2012

Still used on the packaging of Go-Gurt in the United States.

2017–present (United States)


In 2017, a slightly modified version of the 1965 logo has been revived for use in the United States.

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