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YouTube logo 2005

YouTube's first and currently longest-used logo consisted of the site's name in the Alternate Gothic typeface, with the word "Tube" being placed inside a red rounded rectangle, representing a television. In October 2006, Google announced that it had acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in Google stock, and the deal was finalized on November 13, 2006.


YouTube Logo

This modification of the YouTube logo was introduced in July 2011 as a part of the Cosmic Panda experiment, and it officially became the new logo a few months later. It has the red square in a darker color this time. Also, in late November 2012, the slogan "Broadcast Yourself" was retired. This logo first appeared on the website as of December 2011 when YouTube launched a new version of the site interface, with the video channels displayed in a central column on the home page, similar to the news feeds of social networking sites. This logo was still used on the "Add video to playlist" screen until 2020.


YouTube logo 2013

On December 19, 2013, the red rectangle was made lighter in color. Also, the word "You" was made more black and the shadow behind the word "Tube" was removed.


YouTube logo 2015

The gradients were completely removed from the logo in October 2015 to coincide with the refresh of its paid subscription service YouTube Premium. This redesign may have also been made to be in line with Google's new logo and its "Material Design" design language.


YouTube logo 2017

On August 29, 2017, YouTube launched its most significant logo update yet, consisting of the wordmark in "almost black" (#282828) and a slightly modified typeface (named "YouTube New") placed to the right of YouTube's previously redesigned universal icon, the play button, whose color is now pure red (#FF0000). The logo change is based around the its play button emblem. YouTube also made a design language called "Polymer" combusting with Material Design followed by the logo.


Main article: YouTube Yoodles

Much like Google with their Doodles, YouTube occasionally changes their default logo to a stylized one with relevance to a certain date on various days throughout the year. These special logos are sometimes called "Yoodles".

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