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1963–1987 1987–1992 1992–2001 2001–present
1963–1987 1987–1992 1992–2001 2001–present

ZDF (stylised as 2DF) is one of two public broadcasting organisations in Germany, the other being ARD. Unlike ARD, ZDF is not divided into regional units, and only broadcasts on television and not radio. ZDF is the acronym of "Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen" (Second German Television).[1][2][3]

Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen


ZDF 1962.svg

Launched on April 1, 1963.



ZDF 1987.svg


ZDF logo old.svg


ZDF logo.svg
Designer:  Razorfish
Das Werk
Typography:  Handel Gothic EF Bold (ZDF's logotype)
Swiss 721 (ZDF's Sub Brands name)
Launched:  Unknown

A new logo for ZDF was launched on 2 June 2001. The new look was created in cooperation with Razorfish of New York and Das Werk of Frankfurt[4]. The Z in the logo resembles a stylized number 2 (two), or zwei which also reflects the network's name[5] [6].

ZDF has not changed its logo since 2001, though its thematic channels have changed their logos several times. Zee TV, one of the most popular Indian TV channels, introduced a highly similar logo in 2017, with the word Zee in an orange circle and TV outside.


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