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ARD Logo 1954 ZDF 1962 ZDF 1987 ZDF logo old ZDF logo
1961–1963 1963–1987 1987–1992 1992–2001 2001–present

ZDF is the acronym of "Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen" (Second German Television)[1][2][3].

Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen


ZDF 1962

Launched on April 1, 1963.



ZDF 1987


ZDF logo old


ZDF logo

A new logo for ZDF was launched in 2001. The new look was created in cooperation with Razorfish of New York and Das Werk of Frankfurt[4]. The Z in the logo resembles a stylized number 2 (two), or zwei which also reflects the network's name[5] [6].

ZDF has not changed its logo since 2001, though its thematic channels have changed their logos several times. Zee TV, one of the most popular Indian TV channels, introduced a highly similar logo in 2017, with the word Zee in an orange circle and TV outside.


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