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1992-1995, 1998 1998-1999 1999-2007 2007–2010
1992-1995, 1998 1998-1999 1999-2007 2007–2010


1992-1995, 1998

ZTV logo 1992.png

ZTV was launch in 1992 from Kinnevik Group in Sweden ,Danmark (lanched in 1995) ,and Norway (lanched in 1994), first as a afternoon show in 1990 in Sweden, but became a own channel in 1992 in Sweden, ZTV was closed down in 1995 in Sweden was Just closed down , Norway became TV3+ (Norway), and Denmark became TV3+ (Denmark). And ZTV was relaunched in 1998 from MTG (Modern Times Group) in Sweden (ZTV Sweden)

Viasat ZTV




ZTV Viasat.svg

In 2002 ZTV Norway was Relaunched again and replaced Viasat Plus, and was owned by MTG (Modern Times Group). ZTV introduced new idents featuring a big balloon with the channel logo popping up at unexpected places. ZTV Norway was closed in 2007. And was replaced by Viasat4 (in Norway). in 2010 was ZTV Sweden closed and was replaced by Viasat TV6. ZTV Sweden was a live internet TV from 2007 (music channel and comedy channel). And was a non tv channel from 2007 only on ztv.se as internet TV. The idents were produced by B-Reel and Spader Knekt.


ZTV logo 2007.svg

When TV6 launched in May 2006, it had taken over most of ZTV's programmes and distribution and ZTV essentially became a music-only channel.

ZTV was relaunched in February 2007 as internet tv, with some programmes and anime series added to the schedule.And was the last ZTV logo.[1][2] At the same time, a new logo was introduced.

A more graphics based on-air design was introduced in 2008.

ZTV Sweden was closed down in 2010 as a Internet TV and was replaced by Viasat TV6 Sweden.

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