Zain Group is a multinational telecommunications company, headquartered in Kuwait, that operates in the Middle East and northern Africa. Founded in 1983 as MTC (Mobile Telecommunications Company), it expanded to several other Middle Eastern countries under different brand names (also acquiring Celtel, a pan-African operator, in 2005), before they were all unified under the Zain brand in September 2007.

Zain operates in five Middle Eastern countries under its own brand, as well as Lebanon under the touch brand. In addition, it operates in Sudan and South Sudan under its own brand (having sold all of its operations in other African countries to Bharti Airtel in 2010), as well in Morocco under the inwi brand.



MTC Kuwait

In Bahrain, MTC operated as a joint venture with Vodafone under the MTC–Vodafone brand, launched in 2003.




On 9 September 2007, MTC in Kuwait, as well as its subsidiaries in Bahrain, Jordan and Sudan, were all rebranded to Zain. The Celtel networks in Africa followed on 1 August 2008.

The Arabic word zain means ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’. Another Middle Eastern telecommunications company, Qtel of Qatar, introduced an Arabic word—Ooredoo—as an umbrella brand for all of its operations in 2013.

Zain uses the classic Avenir font as its corporate typeface, which is also used by Singtel, among others. Its slogan is A Wonderful World. Globe Telecom in the Philippines uses a similar slogan (Creating A Wonderful World).

Zain A Wonderful World

Banner image with slogan, A Wonderful World.

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