Zee Bangla is a Bengali (Bangla)-language general entertainment channel (GEC) and currently the most popular Bengali channel since June 2018,[1] when it overtook Star Jalsha, which had been the most-watched channel for nine years (2009–2018). Besides Star Jalsha, it competes with Colors Bangla, in addition to Aakash Aath, Rupashi Bangla and, more recently, Sun Bangla.

It was launched in 1999 as Alpha TV Bangla, in line with Zee’s other regional-language channels at the time (i.e., Alpha TV Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati and Punjabi, of which the last two are defunct), and renamed to Zee Bangla in 2005.


Alpha TV Bangla Logo Alphatv bangla Zee Bangla Zee Bangla 2011 Zee Bangla 2017 old Zeebangla new Zee Bangla Slogan 2018
1999–2004 2004–2005 2005–2011 2011–2016 1 January–15 October 2017 15 October 2017–present 2018–present

Alpha TV Bangla


Alpha TV Bangla Logo


Alphatv bangla
The channel was launched on 15 September 1999.[2][3][4]

Zee Bangla


Zee Bangla

The Zee network introduced a new set of logos on 28 March 2005; therefore, Alpha TV Bangla rebranded to Zee Bangla with a new logo.


Zee Bangla 2011

A new logo was introduced on 19 June 2011 along with the other Zee channels. In this period, the slogan was Jibon Mane Zee Bangla (Life means Zee Bangla).

HD: 2016–2017
Zee Bangla HD 2016

Zee Bangla HD was launched on 20 November 2016 along with Zee Marathi HD. Marathi movie channel Zee Talkies HD, Zee’s first regional HD channel, had been launched a month earlier.

1 January–15 October 2017

Zee Bangla 2017 old

The gap in the top right corner of the ‘Z’ was closed and the swoosh within it was modified. This was also done by all other Zee channels and properties.

15 October 2017–present

Zeebangla new

Zee Bangla changed its logo along with the rest of the Zee network on 15 October 2017. However, the existing graphics package remained unchanged at that time.


Zee Bangla HD Slogan 2018

HD logo with slogan and corner logo bug against background.

Zee Bangla underwent a rebranding on 7 October 2018. A new graphics package was introduced, which is the same ‘ripple’ graphics that is used by Zee TV as well as four South Indian GECs, but in red instead of orange. Zee Bangla, like its rival Star Jalsha (until 2019), has generally used the colour red in its on-air appearance, so the 2017 logo remained unchanged (unlike in the case of the four South Indian GECs, which all became orange to match Zee TV).

Zee Bangla Slogan 2018

Social media avatar with slogan.

A new slogan was also introduced: Notun Chhande Likhbo Jibon (Writing a New Page).


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