Maurya TV


Maurya TV

Maurya TV, a Hindi news channel covering the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand, was launched on 2 February 2010.

Zee Purvaiya


Zee Purvaiya

Zee acquired Maurya TV in October 2013 and renamed it to Zee Purvaiya in January 2014.

1 January-6 May 2017

Zee Purvaiya 2017

The gap in the top right corner of the ‘Z’ was closed and the swoosh within it was modified. This was also done by all other Zee channels and properties.

Zee Bihar/Jharkhand

6 May–15 October 2017

Zee Bihar Jharkhand
Zee Purvaiya was renamed to Zee Bihar/Jharkhand on 6 May 2017 to make clear the Indian states it covered.

15 October 2017–present

Zee Bihar-Jharkhand

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