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Zee Café is an English entertainment channel in India that airs primarily American and British series and shows. It was launched in March 2000 as Zee English and was renamed to Zee Café in 2005. (In a similar fashion, sister movie channel &flix was launched in 2000 as Zee Movies and was renamed twice before adopting the Zee Studio name in 2005, which lasted until 2018.)

Zee Café primarily competes with Star World, Colors Infinity, Comedy Central and Disney International HD, as well as the erstwhile AXN until its shutdown in June 2020.

Zee English


Zee English.jpg

On 15 March 2000, the channel was launched as Zee English, along with Zee Movies (now &flix).


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Zee Café


Zee Cafe 2005.png

The Zee network introduced a new set of logos on 28 March 2005; therefore, Zee English rebranded to Zee Café with a new logo. All Zee channels adopted logos with a stylised Z and a square rotated 45 degrees. However, with the English channels, such as Zee Studio and the erstwhile Zee Trendz, the name of the channel was in a rectangle to the right of the Z-square, rather than below it.



Z Cafe 2010.png
Designer:  Dunning Penney Jones
Typography:  Revue (logo)
Helvetica and Bodoni (graphics package)
Launched:  15 November 2010

Both of Zee’s English channels, Zee Café and Zee Studio, introduced new logos on 15 November 2010, featuring the letter Z in a rounded square, and new graphics packages. The new looks were created by Dunning Penney Jones and Medialuna. The latter, now known as Tónika, is one of several Argentine agencies that have designed the graphics of several Indian Zee and Sony channels.

This logo style was also adopted by the newly-launched Zee Khana Khazana (now Zee Zest).

The graphics package for Zee Café features pink squares flipping on top of each other, and the Helvetica and Bodoni fonts are used in on-screen typography.


Zee Cafe 2011.png

With the rebrand of the Zee network on 19 June 2011, the 2010 logo was brought in line with the other Zee channels.

HD: 2015–2016

Zee Cafe HD 2015.jpg

An HD feed was teased as early as 2012,[1] but it was not launched before 21 November 2015, though it had been running as a test transmission on certain platforms since July 2015.[2][3]

Some other channels of the Zee network, namely Zee TV, Zee Cinema, Zee Studio and Ten Sports, launched HD feeds on 15 August 2011.



Zee Café 2016 logo.png
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Gilroy (graphics package)
Launched:  16 October 2016

Zee Café introduced a new logo on 16 October 2016, almost exactly a year before the broadcaster rebrand of the Zee network in October 2017, along with a new graphics package for the first time since 2010 that uses the popular Gilroy font. A new slogan, All Eyes on New, was also introduced. No design credit was given.


Zee Café 2017 old.jpg

On 1 January 2017, the gap in the top right corner of the Z was closed and the swoosh within it was modified. This was also done by all other Zee channels and properties on that day.

Specifically for Zee Café, on 9 January 2017, the logo of the HD channel was slightly changed as well, with the HD word now appearing next to the logo.


Zee Café 2017.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Gotham (logo)
Gilroy (graphics package)
Launched:  15 October 2017

Another new logo was introduced during the networkwide rebrand of Zee on 15 October 2017, though the graphics remain the same. Though the logo uses the Gotham font, as with the other Zee channels since then, the graphics continue to use Gilroy (unlike with some channels, notably Zee TV and Zee Cinema, where Gotham is used throughout).

As with all other Zee-branded non-news channels, the logo moved from the traditional top right corner to the top left. However, the logo bug (as with Zee Studio, in 2017–2018) is white.