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Zee Chitramandir (meaning picture hall) is a free-to-air Marathi-language movie channel from the Zee network that complements Zee Talkies, its flagship Marathi movie channel. It is specifically targeted at a rural audience, due to its presence on the DD Free Dish platform. Zee Chitramandir and Zee Talkies’ sole competitor is Shemaroo MarathiBana.

It was supposed to be launched as Zee Zabardast, then was renamed to Zee Chitramandir before its launch on 9 April 2021 (though the soft launch on DD Free Dish was on 1 April). This comes a few months after the launch of Marathi music channel Zee Vajwa on 17 October 2020.

Zee Zabardast

2021 (prelaunch)

Zee Zabardast.jpg
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Zee Chitramandir

2021 (prelaunch)

Zee chitramandir.png


Zee Chitramandir.jpg
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Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Gotham and Volte Devanagari

Even though the final launch logo is green, like that of many other Zee movie channels (most notably Zee Cinema), the graphics package is a new one and not the same as the others.

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