Zee Classic is a Hindi movie channel that shows old movies released before the 2000s. A similar channel is Sony Max 2, which shows Hindi movies released until the mid-2000s.

Zee Classic was launched in 2005 along with Zee Action and the now-defunct Zee Premier. It was shut down in August 2018 and replaced by Zee Bollywood, but was resurrected in May 2019.


Zee Classic


Zee classic



Zee Classic was rebranded in 2015 by the Argentine design agency Steinbranding, which had also rebranded Sony Sab and NDTV Good Times in 2013.

1 January–15 October 2017

Zee Classic 2017 old

As with other Zee channels, the gap in the top right corner of the Z was closed, and the swoosh within it was modified.

15 October 2017–2018

Zeeclassic new


Zee Classic was rebranded to Zee Bollywood on 31 August 2018. However, Zee Classic was resurrected on 15 May 2019 as a standalone channel.
Zee Classic 2019

Logo bug.

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