Zee Gujarati was a Gujarati-language general entertainment channel (GEC). It was launched in March 2000 as Alpha TV Gujarati, in line with Zee’s other regional-language channels (i.e., Alpha TV Bangla, Marathi, Telugu, and Punjabi, of which the last is defunct), and renamed to Zee Gujarati in 2005.

Zee Gujarati closed down on 31 May 2009 as it was running losses. As a result, ETV Gujarati—now Colors Gujarati—became the only Gujarati GEC.


Alpha TV Gujarati Logo Zee Gujarati
2000–2005 2005–2009

Alpha TV Gujarati


Alpha TV Gujarati Logo
Alpha TV Gujarati

Zee Gujarati


Zee Gujarati

The Zee network introduced a new set of logos on 28 March 2005; therefore, Alpha TV Gujarati rebranded to Zee Gujarati with a new logo.

After Zee Gujarati shut down in 2009, Zee did not launch another Gujarati channel until June 2017, when the news channel Zee 24 Kalak was launched.

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