The British version of Zee Punjabi was launched in 2003 as Alpha ETC Punjabi, and was renamed to Zee Punjabi on 15 January 2009.[1] It ceased broadcasting on 31 May 2018.[2]

In India, what were originally Alpha TV Punjabi and Alpha ETC Punjabi were rebranded to Zee Punjabi and ETC Punjabi, respectively, in the mid-2000s (unlike in the UK, where there was no Alpha TV Punjabi but rather Alpha ETC Punjabi, which was renamed to Zee Punjabi). However, the Indian Zee Punjabi was converted to a news channel, Zee Punjab/Haryana/Himachal, in 2013, while Zee ETC Punjabi (which had been renamed from ETC Punjabi in 2011) was shut down in 2014.

However, a new entertainment channel in India called Zee Punjabi was launched in January 2020.


Alpha ETC Punjabi Zee Punjabi 2009 Zee Punjabi 2011 Zee Punjabi 2017 Logo
2003–2009 2009–2011 2011–2017 2017–2018

Alpha ETC Punjabi


Alpha ETC Punjabi

Zee Punjabi (UK)


Zee Punjabi 2009


Zee Punjabi 2011


Zee Punjabi 2017 Logo
The channel shut down completely on 31 May 2018.[2]


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