Zee Vajwa was a Marathi-language music channel from the Zee network in India and Zee’s first music channel in a regional language (i.e., except English and Hindi). Launched on 17 October 2020, it competed with Sangeet Marathi, 9X Jhakaas and Maiboli.

It was first teased in November 2019 and rumoured to replace the Hindi music channel Zing, though Zee confirmed in September 2020 that Zee Vajwa was launched to be on 17 October, in place of Zee ETC Bollywood, another Hindi music channel, which was shut down on that day. [1] However, Zee Vajwa itself shut down on 31 March 2022 after only a year. [2]

2020 (prelaunch)

Zee Wajva logo.jpg


Zee Vajwa.svg

Designer:  Dynamite Design
Typography:  Gotham and Volte Devanagari (logo)
Khand Devanagari and Latin (on-air graphics)
Launched:  Unknown

The official logo and slogan were revealed on 13 September 2020 during the Zee Gaurav Puraskar award ceremony. The channel was launched on 17 October 2020.

The graphics package was designed by Dynamite Design, which has worked with Zee and Star on several occasions, including the rebrand of sister channel &pictures, which took place some days before Zee Vajwa was launched. The central design element of the graphics package was a colourful wheel of dots, influenced by a volume dial. The Khand font, which was used by Zee TV in 2014–16, was used in on-air typography.

The channel shut down abruptly on 31 March 2022, two weeks after Zee Odisha.