2015–2017 Jan,2017–Oct,2017 2017–2018 2018–present
2015–2017 Jan,2017–Oct,2017 2017–2018 2018–present

Zee World is Indian broadcaster Zee’s English entertainment channel for sub-Saharan Africa. It shows Zee TV soaps in English. It is one of the most popular TV channels in Africa by viewership.[1][2][3] In response to Zee World’s success, competing Indian TV network Star launched Star Life in August 2018.

A sister channel, Zee One, was launched on 1 November 2021 on South Africa’s free-to-air OpenView platform.


Zee World 2015.jpg

Zee World was launched on 3 February 2015.


Zee World old.jpg

On 1 January 2017, the gap in the top right corner of the Z was closed and the swoosh within it was modified. This was also done by all other Zee channels and properties.


Zee World 2017.jpg

On 15 October 2017, the channel introduced a new logo along with all other Zee channels. The logo colours are similar to those in Zee Marathi’s new logo.


Zee World.jpg

On 1 January 2018, the logo colours were changed from yellow-orange to pink.

Logo with tagline.

Competing Indian TV network Star’s channel for African audiences, Star Life, was launched on 27 August 2018. It is available in HD on DStv in South Africa, and in SD elsewhere in Africa. In response, Zee World was converted into an HD channel on DStv in November 2018.[4] As with Star Life, the HD feed is restricted to South African DStv customers; other platforms across the continent carry the channel in SD (standard definition).