Zindagi is a former TV channel in India, owned by Zee, that showed foreign TV shows (especially Pakistani, Turkish and Korean shows) dubbed into Hindi. It was launched on 23 June 2014 and closed down on 30 June 2017 as a linear TV channel, when its content was moved to Ozee (now ZEE5). Zindagi remained available as a section on ZEE5 until 2019, when it was discontinued. It was relaunched on ZEE5 in May 2020.

Zindagi (TV channel)


Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Custom wordmark (logo)
Ubuntu (on-air graphics)
Launched:  23 June 2014



27 September–31 December 2016

Zindagi Channel.jpg

On 27 September 2016, the slogan was changed from Jodey Dilon Ko (Connecting Hearts) to Yeh Lamha Hi Hai Zindagi (This Moment is Life).[1] Pakistani content was also removed from the channel.

1 January–30 June 2017


On 1 January 2017, the gap in the top right corner of the Z was closed and the swoosh within it was modified. This was also done by all other Zee channels and properties.

Zindagi (online channel)



On 1 July 2017, Zindagi as a television channel was closed and converted to a digital-only brand on Zee’s streaming platform, Ozee (now Zee5), with the same logo.


Zindagi 2018.jpg

With the launch of Zee5 in February 2018, Zindagi received a new logo in line with the rest of the network, featuring the Gotham typeface. The Zindagi brand was discontinued in 2019.


Zindagi new.jpg

Zindagi was revived in May 2020 with the old logo and old Z symbol of the Zee network. Zing is the only other property of the Zee network to feature the old Z symbol.